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December 20, 2012
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"Hey! Hey! <F/N>, get up! Get up!" <F/N> shifts in her sleep as she turns her back to the person. "<F/N>! Wake up, brah!"

"No. Let me sleep", <F/N> whines back as she buries her face in her stuffed animal.

"<F/N>, love, you know Alfred won't give up until you wake", her British friend says with his arms crossed.

"Yeah, dude! Wake up", Alfred, personification of the United States of America, exclaims as he jumps up onto her bed.

<F/N> curls up under her sheets as the American resorts to trying to drag her off. Arthur, personification of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, sighs as he goes out of <F/N>'s room to see if the others had destroyed her house yet with their arguing. America continues trying to drag her out, but obviously he is failing miserably at doing such since she just slides out of his grip.

Wondering how <F/N> had met the personified countries in her boring old life? While walking around her neighborhood one day, she had thought she heard people following her. Getting more suspicious with each step she took, she set off on a sprint to see if she could overlap the people following her. She was able to, if only because she could run as fast as an Italian, and had discovered characters, which were supposed to be from the anime Hetalia, were the ones chasing after her. They had explained to her how they had been following her around. She was reluctant about everything at first, but soon grew to believe them since they dragged her all around the world. They had been friends ever since.

"Al, is it really necessary to drag me out this early? What time is it anyways", <F/N> says as she rubs her eye with her hand.

"It's only 5:30, bro", America says as he continues dragging her out of the room.

"Uh... is that why I'm so tired? Dude, I don't wake up till at least ten or something", <F/N> complains as the noise from the living room gets louder the closer they get.

"Bloody wanker, I said get off!"

"Ohonhonhon~ Angelettere, I don't think you mean what you say!"

"Germany! Germany! There's no pasta!"

"Potato bastard, stay away from my little brother!"

"Become one with Mother Russia, da?"

"Aiyah! Russia, go away!"

"Ah! The chica doesn't have any tomatoes!"

<F/N> growls as she rips her hand away from Alfred's grip. First she is rudely woken up early in the morning for no reason at all and now there was chaos going on in her living room which was not helping her at all. "Alright, everyone, SHUT UP! France, stop molesting England! England, stop looking like you want to be molested and you so do so shut up. Veneziano, stop bugging poor Germany. He looks like he's about to break. Romano, stop trying to beat up Germany! Your obviously causing no harm to the buff German and he is obviously getting very pissed. Russia, don't scare the poor little Chinese man. He looks like he's about to piss himself. China, stop giving Russia reasons to scare you. And Spain..." <F/N> walks into her kitchen to see the Spaniard chewing on an apple, "... You look covered."

Everyone slowly scoots away from the other as they all give each other looks. <F/N> sighs as she spots Japan calmly sipping tea at her dining room table. She continues staring at him unamused as he looks up to her with a blank face, "... I chose to refrain from speaking."

She stares at him a bit longer before she drops her head and sighs, "Of course you did." She raises her head again and looks to Germany, "What up with barging into my house and waking me up so freaking early in the morning?"

Germany coughs as he walks up to her with a straight face, "We were planning on going someplace for a while. We had to get up early in order to get to our location right on time."

"Yeah, bro! You've been stressing for a while now! We figured you could use the break", America jumps in with a burger now in his hand and begins eating it.

"Okay, but where could you possibly be taking me that it required you to wake me up so early", she asks again, wanting desperately to get back into her bed and drift off for a few more hours.

"It's a surprise", Italy exclaims as he appears behind Germany.

"So if you wouldn't mind going to get dressed and packing up a suitcase for- oh, what- a few weeks", England asks as he crosses his arms.

<F/N> whines again as she goes to fall on the closest person, which just happened to be France, "Do I have to?"

France wraps his arms around her as he whispers, "I could always help you if you want, ma cherie."

Her eyes widen in surprise as she pushes herself away from the Frenchman now fully awake, "No! That's alright! I've got it! Give me a sec." She quickly runs to her room and shuts the door as Francis pouts.

"Nice job, France", Spain compliments as he continues eating his apple.

France pouts more as he turns away, "I actually wanted to help her." England, China, and Germany all move in on France as they all give him a smack on his head.

"Dudes, didn't she say she would take a 'sec", America asks as his face pales, "That's like two hours for girls, right? Man, we're gonna miss being one of the first people into the park. This sucks!"

"Well, who's driving", Romano pipes up.

"Prussia or Germany, right aru", China asks.

Germany pinches his nose, "Speaking of mein bruder, is he still out getting us road snacks?"

The front door slams open as an obnoxious laugh fills the house, "The awesome me is back with birdie and we got a bunch of awesome snacks!" Germany sighs in irritation as <F/N> comes rushing out of her room to go to the bathroom and collect the rest of the stuff she needs. She keeps going back and forth until she brings out a large and medium sized suitcase and a small bag hanging off her shoulder. She was also dressed in an outfit she deemed appropriate.

"I'm ready to go", <F/N> says as she stands next to her luggage, "Mind helping me get these to whatever mode of transportation we're taking please?" America and Russia quickly jump to her aid as both have a glare down for a second.

"I'll take the bigger one since I'm the hero", America says with a confident smirk.

"Nyet. I will take the bigger one because I don't think she would want fat American germs on her luggage", Russia counters with a deadly smile. <F/N> gives a pleading look to Canada who is standing in the background clutching onto his bear. Canada blushes, but nods and places his bear on the ground. He quickly goes to take the big luggage as she took the medium bag.

America and Russia continue their stare down as Canada and <F/N> head out of her house to place her bags in the bus looking vehicle. "Wow. Did you guys rent it or something?" Canada nods his head as he opens up the side compartment of the bus and places both suitcases inside.

"Now we go, si", Italy asks excitedly as he bounces out of the house.

"Ja, Ita! West, you drive first since I'm the one who drove us here and got the snacks", Prussia exclaims as the nations and <F/N> begin piling onto the bus.

"Fine", Germany agrees as he is the last one to hop onto the bus and goes into the passenger seat. The bus looked like any other bus on the inside, except with carpet design on the roof that you would find in a fancy hotel. There were also small TVs hanging from the ceiling every three rows. The seats were also a floor higher from where the driver seat was and a small bathroom was at the end of the bus. "Everyone ready to go?" A chorus of yes in different languages are heard as Germany nods, "GŁte. We are off then."

The bus begins moving and everyone scatters amongst themselves. The BTT had moved to the back of the bus as China and Japan sat two rows before them on the opposite aisle. The Italian brothers sat more in the middle as England and Canada sit near the front with <F/N> across the aisle from them, watching America and Russia argue about what movie they should watch in the front seat.

"I say we totally watch the Avengers! Who doesn't like super awesome superheroes saving the world? And come on, it's the Avengers!"

"Why watch one of your boring American movies when we could watch something more entertaining?"

"Oh, so you got a better idea, Commie?"

"More better than your choice, da?" Alfred and Ivan stare down each other again as Arthur facepalms and <F/N> and Matthew sigh.

"Are you two really going to argue the whole trip there? We're going to be stuck here for a while and none of us want to put up with your antics", Arthur says as he glares at the two.

"Arthur's right, eh? At least try getting along for the trip. We're going to one of the happiest places on earth after all", Matthew says as he buries his face in Kumajirou.

"He started it! I just thought we could watch a really funny action movie", America defends as he continues glaring at Russia across from him.

"But not everyone wants to watch men in tight clothes running around for two hours", Ivan says with his creepy smile.

"BOTH OF YOU, SHUT UP! <F/N>, pick the movie you want to watch! Obviously these Dummkopfs can't", Germany says, getting fed up with the arguing.

"Where are the movies at", <F/N> asks as she stands up from her spot.

"Over there, dear", Arthur says as he points to a built-in container near the seat where Alfred was kneel-standing. <F/N> nods and goes to find a movie.

She finds the movie she wants and goes to put it in. The credits begin playing on all the TVs and fast forwards to the main menu. Instantly the theme for Pirates of the Caribbean begins playing and she clicks play.

"Pirates of the Caribbean, dude", Alfred asks unamused. His face instantly lightens up as he does a fist pump, "Awesome!"

"Not as awesome as the awesome me though", Gilbert exclaims from the back of the bus, "I'm sure these wannabe pirates aren't even HALF as awesome as us!"

"I'd have to agree with the Prussian idiot on this one. Are any of these things even remotely historically correct", Arthur asks as he gazes boredly at the screen.

"Who cares, dude. It's an awesome pirate movie which has Captain Jack Sparrow! How much better can a movie get", <F/N> asks as she high fives America. England groans in frustration as <F/N> flashes him a huge smile, "You know I love you, England."

England grumbles as the movie continues, "Whatever you say, love."
Haha! That pic rocks! XD

Anyways! If anyone happens to come across this and sees that it looks like something on Quotev, don't fret. Same thing, but will be different! Want to know how?

REQUESTS! First time too taking them along with posting a reader insert :D I'm asking for requests on what country you guys want. You could also say where it could happen with the country you choice, or you don't have to. Totally up to you :) Also, if you want a country who is not in the story yet, no worries! I'll add them in after a while and also depending on who requests a character.

Seeing as how I am asking requests on two different websites, both stories will be different that way. Chapters, characters and how things go will be completely different.

I'm really looking forward to this and I hope you guys will be too.

Chapter 2: [link]

Disney does not belong to me, but the Disney Company or Walt Disney, either or

Hetalia doesn't belong to me, but to Himayura (Ithinkit'showyouspellit)

Comments are really appreciative and Favorites would be totally awesome
Picture belongs to :iconhubedihubbe:

Thanks, guys!
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*five minutes after we begin our trip*

-loudest ass snore you ever heard that could wake lord Zalgo himself- Fuck this shit...
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"And Spain..." <F/N> walks into her kitchen to see the Spaniard chewing on an apple, "... You look covered."

Me: :iconohoho-plz: we all good now? Can't believe I have all you guys as mah friends... :iconoldschoolownedplz: that's what I would do if I met them :iconbrohugplz: but where are we going?? *hugs Italy* ITALY WHERE ARE WE GOING???
Italy: veeeh... I can't tell you...
Me: :icontaigacraiplz: f-fine! I'll just read the next chapter!
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