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December 22, 2012
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"What do you want to do, <F/N>", Germany repeats his brother as he also places his hand on her shoulder.

<F/N> looks from one brother the other. "Ludwig." Gilbert's face falls a bit as she faces the German. "Are you sure you'll be alright?"

Ludwig smiles, understanding what <F/N> wants to do, "Ja. I'll be alright."

<F/N> smiles back and gives him a quick hug, "Thanks, Germany."

"You owe me time with you later though", Ludwig says as they break apart. <F/N> nods her head as a smile flashes across Gilbert's face.

"Hey, Gilbert! Are you coming? Francis and I have been waiting out here for a while now", Antonio calls out from outside the bus.

"Ja! I'll be out there in a sec", Prussia calls. He turns back to <F/N> and wraps an arm around her, "Thanks, <F/N>. Auf Wiedersehen, bruder."

"Bye, Germany!"

"Auf Wiedersehen", Germany says as he waves to the two. Prussia helps <F/N> out of the bus as France and Spain walk up to them.

"Hola, chica. Are you coming with us", Spain asks.

"Yup! That cool with you guys", <F/N> asks as the four start their journey toward the crossway separating their hotel and Downtown Disney.

"Oui! Why would we not be", Francis asks as he moves a bit closer to her.

"Not too close, Francis! There are children about", <F/N> reprimands the Frenchman as a nearby woman covers her young son's eyes in disgust.

Francis just laughs as he places his hands in his pockets, "Whatever you wish, ma cherie."

"Speaking of wishes, what should we do first", Antonio asks as he takes quick looks around the different shops and restaurants.

"Well what do you guys want to go on first", <F/N> asks as she also looks around the area.

"We honestly don't know the place well, Fräulein", Gilbert says as he moves his hands to the back of his head.

<F/N> flashes them a smile as they make it to the courtyard between both Disney Park entrances, "Well they both have maps we can take one once we enter the park."

The other three agree as they look between Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure. One side showing the train station and little glimpses of Mickey's head made by flowers, the other side having a retro gate entrance with the words "DISNEY CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE" on the top.

"Why not go to Disneyland first", Gilbert suggests. They all nod and head to the entrance of Disneyland. Gilbert pulls four different park hopper tickets from his back pocket and hands them to the other three.

"Haha! I got Goofy on mine", Antonio says, looking down at his ticket.

"I got Pluto", <F/N> chirps with a smile.

"I got Mickey because I'm awesome", Gilbert says as he adds his famous laugh at the end.

Francis sighs, "I got Donald."

"There's nothing wrong with that", <F/N> says as she pats his back, "It's pretty cool!"

Francis gives her a sincere smile as he ruffled her hair, "Merci." The four step up to the check in lines and hand the employees their tickets. The normal whistle is heard as they step inside.

"I've got the map", <F/N> says as she opens up the Disneyland map.

"Wow. This place is really big", Spain says with amazement lacing his words.

"Where do we even start", <F/N> asks as she looks at all the rides starting from Critter Country all the way to Tomorrowland.

"Why not go on that big brown mountain in Frontierland? That looks interesting", Antonio says, looking at Big Thunder Mountain.

"The white and gold building with the face on it looks interesting too, non", Francis asks pointing to It's A Small World between Fantasyland and Mickey's Toontown.

"The gold temple in Adventureland looks fun", <F/N> says gesturing to the Indiana Jones ride.

"The white mountain in Fantasyland seems more awesome", Prussia says pointing to the Matterhorn Bobsleds, "And since I'm awesome, I say we go there first."

"I could live with that", <F/N> says as they close the map.

"Why don't we make this more interesting too", Prussia says as a smirk crossed his lips. Spain and France look at him with curious amusement as <F/N> just looks at him curiously.

"What are you suggesting, mi amigo", Spain asks.

"There are a lot of people here, ja? And the Indiana Jones and Thunder Mountain seem to have these fast passes", Gilbert explains as he takes the map from <F/N> and opens it up, "Why not we split into two teams and race to the Matterhorn? Whoever gets there first must wait in line while the other two go get the fast passes."

"Hm... I suppose that would be alright", France says as he brings his hair up to make a ponytail.

"Bring it", <F/N> says as she pounds her fist in her hand.

"But wait", Antonio says as he looks under the opened map, "It says 'no stampeding' or at least running."

"Then don't get caught! <F/N>, let's go", Prussia says as he takes off toward the archway that leads to Main Street U.S.A. with <F/N> right behind him.

"Gil", Spain shouts out.

"No time, Toni! We got to go", France says as he grabs the Spaniard and chases after the other two.

Prussia laughs as he and <F/N> run down Main Street and run to the middle of the park in front of the Walt and Mickey statue. He looks behind him to see Spain and France had been stopped by an employee. "Gil, the bobsleds are over there!"

Gilbert turns his head to see <F/N> had already taken off past the street and Pixie Hollow. He smirks and quickly follows after her. When he catches up to her, he picks her up and run to get in the already long line on the right. <F/N> laughs as she is set down, "Gil, we won!"

Gilbert laughs as the other two of his trio catches up, "Now we don't have to wait in the unawesome line."

"That... was not fair... amigo", Antonio says through gasps of air as he leans against the Matterhorn.

"Oui", Francis says as he leans against the railing also trying to catch his breath, "We... had to... go back to... grab another map... to know where... we were going." He collapses to the ground.

<F/N> giggles as she and Gilbert step out of the line, "Well, now you two will have a chance to calm down."

"We're... fine with that, chica", Antonio says as he also collapses to the ground.

"We'll see you soon", Gilbert says as he turns to walk back to the front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

"Bye", <F/N> says as she waves and goes to where Prussia is. She grabs the map out of her pocket and shows it to Gilbert, "I think we should cross down to Adventureland and get the fast pass at the Indiana ride, then go through New Orleans Square, past the Rivers of America up north, and cross into Frontierland to get the Thunder Mountain fastpass."

"Sounds like an awesome plan", Gilbert says as they set off.

~ Time Skip ~

"There you are! We're almost about to go on", Francis says as Gilbert and <F/N> step back into line.

"Francis, we haven't even gotten under banner that says 'Matterhorn' on it yet", Antonio complains.

"Close enough", Francis waves him off.

"Well, the line is moving now and it seems we are under it now", <F/N> says as the four step forward, "Now we just have to wait for a while."

"It already seems like forever, <F/N>", Spain complains again. Gilbert facepalms as they move up again.

"We're almost there", France says as he pats his friends back.

"Let's go again, Iggy!" <F/N> looks to see America dragging off a dizzy England.

"I...", England gulps as he leans on the rail, "I don't know, Alfred. Can't we just go on the Alice in Wonderland ride?"

"Naw, bro. Unless you wanna go on the teacups", Alfred says with excitement. He turns his head to spot the trio and <F/N>, "Hey, dudes! What's up?"

"Waiting in line", <F/N> says as she shrugs.

"What?! Didn't I give you guys the other pass", Alfred asks confused. The four give questioning looks and shake their heads. Alfred digs in his bomber jacket and pulls out with cards, "Here! Just go to the front and hand them this. There's props having power over your nation."

<F/N> takes them and hugs him, "Thanks, Al! You're a lifesaver!"

Alfred laughs as he hugs back, "Well I am the hero!" America lets go and drags Arthur off somewhere new, "See ya, bros!"

The four quickly move to the front and get into their own bobsleds. France and Spain go in the front, since they had to wait, and Gilbert and <F/N> get the back one with <F/N> in the front. They buckle in and the ride begins.

The bobsleds move into the darkness and up the hill. <F/N> leans back into Gilbert and gets comfortable as a blush comes across his cheeks. At first he's shy about putting his arms around her, but soon ends up holding her tight. She doesn't seem to mind as she buries herself deeper into his embrace.

They wait a little longer as they can hear the Yeti's calls echoing through the mountain and feel the ricketiness of the bobsled. Both occupants are about to fall asleep until the bobsled becomes right-side up and a light blinds them.

Two girly screams are heard in front of them and the Yeti's growl is heard right beside them as two bright red eyes look straight at them. They pass the Yeti and see ice crystals come into view on the left before they speed up and make a left turn followed by a clearer white Yeti growling in front of them.

The bobsled makes a quick right, dodging the Yeti as Gilbert holds on tighter to <F/N> who was giving screams of joy. The ricketiness of the sled increases as the bright sun hits their faces and they make another left. They go through archways of the mountain as they make another curling left.

The two bump against the sled as they make a turning right while seeing another opening where a potential Yeti could have been. They keep going forward at a fast pace and make another right turn followed by a left. The sled drops down a small hill which causes Gilbert and <F/N> to jump.

They make another left and exit out of the mountain until another left is made and they are taken into darkness.

"You scared", Gilbert asks her over the sound of the rushing wind.

<F/N> shakes her head, "Nope! Are you?"

"Nope! I'm too- AH!" The two scream as another Yeti appears, closer than the other two, and acts like its going to slash them while letting out another ear piercing scream. They make another quick right as they enter into lightness a couple seconds later. They go straight and drop down to the same level as the other bobsled that entered the mountain on the east side.

They see the other bobsled in front of them which is occupied with four other occupants as they make another right outside the mountain. The two sleds go together in sync for a while, before the sled on the left goes a bit higher and the sled they were on takes a steep drop. Gilbert grunts as <F/N> lands a bit on him.

They take another right and pass the waterfall on the side of the mountain. They take a slight right and pass under a short tunnel. Another short right turn is taken as the sled begins to slightly slow down. Another right turn again as they go down another small hill. They go up the same hill while making another right and a lake comes into view.

The bobsled takes an unexpected drop and water splashes to both sides of them, causing the bobsled to slow down more. They make a small right then a quick left turn as the bobsled comes to a complete stop behind the other bobsleds.

The bobsled moves up and comes to a stop at where they get off. Francis and Antonio slowly get out as they hold into each other for support as Gilbert helps <F/N> get out.

"That was really fun, but really short", <F/N> says as the four walk out onto the walkway.

"The Yetis were really scary too", Antonio says as he stretches.

"The shakiness and drops hurt though. It didn't help that Toni sat in front of me either", Francis says as the four begin walking to their next destination.

"We'll I enjoyed it", <F/N> says as she takes the map out.

"I did too", Gilbert chimes in, "It was awesome. Not as awesome as me, but still awesome. Maybe you and I can go on it again later, <F/N>."

"I'd like that, Gil. Now where do you want to go", <F/N> asks as she looks on the map.

"Thunder Mountain", Spain says, "It seems closer."

<F/N> closes the map and starts to head toward Frontierland, "Cool. Then we'll hit Indiana Jones." Spain and France nods as they follow her. Prussia lingers a bit and looks back to the Matterhorn. Honestly, he couldn't wait to go on again with her.
I feel as if I dragged this on and didn't do a good job with Gilbert. I'm also not planning on posting another chapter until the day after Christmas so don't expect any for the next few days.

Either way though, I had a lot of fun writing this and I hope you guys enjoy reading it. I want to say thanks for all the faves and comments you guys leave too. Really appreciated! :iconarigatouplz:

Remember, you guys can request any country you want, whether the countries there or not, and can even request where it can take place if you want! :D

Again, comments are always appreciated and I hope you guys enjoy!

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 4: [link]
Link to Materhorn video: [link]

Disney does not belong to me, but to Disney

The BTT or any other Hetalia character does not belong to me but to :iconhimaruyaplz: (I just get better at this :iconfuckyeahamericaplz:)

You belong to :iconsexyprussiaplz: (for now)

And the pic belongs to :iconhubedihubbe:
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